Train Smart. Run Strong. Run Free.

30 to 70% of runners get injured each year. Motiv8 tests, identifies and fixes your weak spots to enable you to remain injury free and reach your full running potential.


Optimise your conditioning and give yourself the ideal foundation for peak running performance. 


Experience the joy of running without aches, pains and injury. We will show you how to become a resilient runner.


Get expert advice on sports nutrition and learn how to tweak your diet to get the best out of your body.


Let us keep you motivated and running passionately towards your goals. The best is yet to come!


Why use Motiv8?

Are you constantly struggling with running niggles and injuries or battling to reach your running goals?

Our purpose is to help runners to test and identify their weak spots, correct those as quickly and effectively as possible, and return to the road as a stronger, more efficient and more resilient runner.

The free Runner's Test is the crucial first step of your Motiv8 journey. Figure out what needs work by doing the tests. You cant manage what you haven't measured.

Weak spots are merely opportunities for improvement!

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Athlete Reviews

Running is my job. As a professional athlete, I need to make sure I am in peak condition to be able to compete at the highest level. When training for Comrades, we push the mileage every week. Since I have supplemented my running with the right strength exercises, I can definitely feel the difference. My recovery is quicker and I can handle the loads my coach throws at me. Neuromuscular control training has certainly helped to make me a more efficient runner. Every second counts.

Bongmusa Mthembu

Multiple Comrades Marathon Winner

As a Downhill Mountain Biker, I do some running in the preseason to supplement my training. I am on the road quite often travelling, which means I don’t have a lot of time to spend in the gym. The mobility and neuromuscular control exercises in the programme can be done anywhere and are a great addition to my training regime. There’s nothing wrong with getting strong! Greg Minnaar

Multiple Downhill MTB World Champion

I started running 9 years ago as a way to lose weight. I did my first Comrades in 2010 in a time of 11hr55min - I barely made it. Strength training played a huge role in keeping me on the road. Initially, it was a way to keep me from breaking down with injury, but now with this solid foundation, it is helping me run faster for longer. I now run Comrades in under 9 hours and have been lucky enough to have run numerous international marathons including the London, New York and Chicago Marathons. Ebrahim Kajee



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