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We've been rehabilitating runners from injury for many years now and thought it was about time that we did something to prevent these injuries from occurring in the first place. More than two thirds of runners will get injured each year and so many of those injuries are preventable. 

We are here to educate runners about what to do to prevent injury, to improve running efficiency, to give themselves the best shot at being the best runner they can be and to get the most enjoyment from it. We want to ensure that they spend more time on the road than on a physio bed and more of their cash on cool races than doctors bills. 

The amount of information available related to running, injury prevention and performance is endless. It can be quite an overwhelming task for an individual to try to sift through this and determine what is valuable information and what is yet another fad or gimmick.

We aim to provide RESEARCH-BASED information and a STRUCTURED, SPECIFIC and AFFORDABLE programme to reduce injury risk and improve performance (written by QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED health professionals) which you can easily do on your own in your home or at your gym.


The Motiv8 Team

Nicky Oliver

Nicky Oliver

B Sport Sc Hons (Biokinetics) (Stellenbosch)
B Sport Sc Hons (High Performance) (Stellenbosch)
Yoga Instructor (200hr Vinyasa Flow & 200hr Ashtanga)

Garth Oliver

Garth Oliver

BSc Physio (Stellenbosch)

Together, Nicky and Garth have more than 25 years of experience working in the injury rehabilitation and high-performance fields. They both run successful practices rehabilitating and conditioning people of all ages and abilities.

“We have seen time and time again what a hugely positive impact the right conditioning done in the right way can have on a runner, and we want to share that with every runner in the world.”

“There is so much sub-standard information out there when it comes to exercise, particularly strength and conditioning. Subtle changes to how an exercise is performed make a massive difference to what you gain (or injure) from the exercise. Unfortunately, an exercise done just slightly incorrectly can often do more harm than good.”

 “The correct conditioning programme will create a resilient runner who is able to handle and adapt to training loads well, meaning fewer injuries and down-time, and optimal performance.”

“Peak performance requires consistency in training. If you are constantly in and out of therapists’ rooms rehabilitating injuries it is unlikely that you’ll ever reach your peak. We want to give you the tools to become more resilient to injury, so that you can stay on the road/trails and perform at your optimum.”

“We are so excited to share Motiv8.co.za with you. We hope that it does motiv8 you to be the best runner that you can be!”

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