Corrective Phase (1)

Well done on completing your assessment!

The following videos are corrective exercises that will help you to fix the deficits that you’ve now identified, improve your performance, and reduce your risk of running-related injuries.

We’ll take you through running specific flexibility, mobility, strength and neuromuscular control (NMC) exercises.

The strength exercises should be performed at least two, preferably three, times per week. You may need to start off with only one set or with fewer repetitions, and slowly build up to the recommended reps and sets. Listen to your body.

Mobility and flexibility exercises can be done on most days, especially on days that you’re running.

The NMC exercises should be done five times per week to achieve the required physiological adaptation. Generally, NMC is the most neglected area in conditioning programs. However, it is an imperative component of running. Without good NMC your strength won’t necessarily transfer to you running. So, you can do a whole bunch of glutes strengthening exercises but if your glutes aren’t firing when you run, you’re not actually tapping into that strength.

Try to remember the principles we teach you here and allow them to transfer into your normal daily movements. This will help what you do here to transfer into your running.

Make sure you master the corrective exercises before you progress to the next phase. They may look easy, but looks can be very deceiving! It is imperative to build yourself a solid base of strength, flexibility, mobility and NMC before advancing your conditioning.

Take note of the exercise cues that we give throughout the videos to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. The smallest adjustments make a huge difference!

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

Have fun!


Be the best that you can be!

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